Tech Doesn't Teach… But it can Help

Here is an fairly typical example of technology use in an early elementary school classroom. I’ve seen lessons much like this at my son’s school. I have to say that I am conflicted in my thoughts about this. On balance I think it is probably effective in that the very fact that it is using technology rather than a simple blackboard, there may be some increased interest from the students. However, there is definitely nothing here that couldn’t be done with a blackboard or cork-board. What do you think?

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SMARTboard in a 1st grade classroom.

With the advancement of technology today classrooms are now being fit with the latest instructional technology.  However do all teachers use the technology in a way that benefits the students.

Many classrooms today have a SMART Board installed in them.  I have seen many teachers use this interactive piece of technology as just a white board and a projector.  They lack the training and/or desire to learn how to use this technology effectively. Districts should provide teachers with technology in their classrooms with staff development to help assist them in using the technology effectively.

An effective way to use the SMART Board in a classroom is to use it with the SMART Response system where the teacher can obtain instant feed back about a lesson.

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