Tech Doesn't Teach… But it can Help


It’s been about thirty years since technology (in the form of computers, at least) has poked its head into the classroom with the promise of changing everything. In those thirty years a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. In the end, what has technology brought into the classroom that could not be done with a piece of slate and a stick of chalk?

This blog analyzes how technology can, should and shouldn’t be used in the classroom.

I am a teacher (of biology / microbiology), scientist and technophile. I have dreams of wielding technology in the classroom in a way that it does bring the revolution that we expected. However, I am also grounded enough to know that Technology Does Not Teach — Teachers Teach.

If you have any references that show how technology does (or doesn’t) work in the classroom, send them my way and I’ll post them here.


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