Tech Doesn't Teach… But it can Help

A great essay re-iterating how hardware and software (and teachers) must work together to make technology in the classroom work at its potential.

Yuza's #Techtalk

I have always been an advocate of the integration of technology in the classroom. I believe that technology can enhance the classroom experience, increase the motivation of students, and improve the overall results of education.

That is, if it is managed correctly.

Much too often I meet or read about people who thinks that “technology integration in the classroom” is equal to introducing a “laptop based learning environment”. They think that by supplying the hardware, educators and students would magically figure out how to integrate the technology in the teaching and learning process. More often than not, this mindset led to massive failures.

As nicely outlined by educator Mark Warshauer in,

without professional development or curriculum development, and with little of the infrastructure that makes computer use in schools effective, teachers for the most part ignore the computers, which thus go largely unused in schools.

In short, hardware should not…

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